Främja medarbetarnas levnadsvanor genom att utgå från individen

Problems with mental health is strongly increasing and most among the country’s highly educated1
The physical and mental well-being of employees is fundamental to a productive and sustainable organization.
Supporting employees with health issues and working with prevention can be a major challenge for many organizations.
There are also challenges with first getting a clear picture of how employees feel and then finding the right solutions for those individuals among all the different health services and products available on the market.

⅓ of the cost of ill health is sickness absence, ⅔ is production loss2


We want to create a sustainable working life by shifting focus from late, reactive actions with high costs towards a proactive investment-a benefit for all employees that creates value for and increases the attractiveness of the employer.

1 SEK invested in preventive health returns 5 SEK 3
Health Integrator is a complete integrated solution to provide a comprehensive overview of the workplace’s health status and support employees to better-living habits.
We start with a health analysis to clarify current costs and show the value of a proactive investment.

“The simplicity motivates me, it is not enough with only knowledge, but it must also be easy to go through with the change”

Anna, office employee

Health Integrator


“The first meeting with a health pedagog got me really excited to change my habits”

Elsa, office employee

Health Integrator


“Through Health Integrator, you get insight into the life you live, and things that need to change. It’s good to have your health goals written down, like a mantra. Thinking: I’m really going to work now”

Mats, bus driver

Health Integrator


“I see Health Integrator as an opportunity get support to lifestyle changes by someone with knowledge and to have simple tools that can be applied in everyday life”

Theres, team leader

Health Integrator


“It was great with the concept of an app,it was the right amount of goals for me to focus on and work with”

Anna, office employee

Health Integrator


Health Integrator

For the employee
  • See and follow your health status, change to healthier behavior and reach your personal health goals
  • Council with a personal health coach - insight, advice, guidance and motivation
  • Choose from tailored solutions in physical activity, diet, stress, sleep, smoking, alcohol and build on my strengths matching my health profile
  • Easy to find qualified solutions that suits you
  • Benefit from the employer.
For the employer
  • See organization's health status and its costs as well as the value of investing in health
  • A personalized benefit for better health to all employees, not just for those of lacking health
  • Tools for work environment requirement and regulations compliance
  • An important part of the sustainability report
  • Increase attractiveness and retention for today's and future employees.
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measurements impedans blood pressure
meeting plan
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Traditionella hälsotjänster
  • Företagshälsa 2.0

    Health Integrator systemet bygger på en integrerad helhetslösning som kombinerar Test och Analys samt Personlig Hälsorådgivning med en Marknadsplats för Hälsotjänster som väljs baserat på medarbetarnas nuvarande individuella hälsoläge och framtagna hälsoplan. För arbetsgivaren skapar detta en överblick av organisationens hälsoläge och skapar förutsättningarna för ett hållbart arbetsliv.

    Health Integrator cykeln sätts utifrån individens hälsoläge och behov. Hälsoplanen skapas med mål som är tidsatta där ett nytt varv börjar där mätning sker för att utvärdera utfall och påbörja en ny period. Varje individs hälsoplan ser annorlunda ut där större behov innebär kortare cykler med ökat stöd, precis som hos tandläkaren.

  • Test och Analys - Skapa insikt och förståelse

    Medarbetaren blir inbjuden av organisationens HR till plattformen för att påbörja sin hälsoresa. Medarbetaren får uppskatta sin egen hälsosituation genom ett validerat formulär för att i nästa steg ta ett blodprov tillsammans med en mätning av fysiska mått.

  • Personlig Hälsorådgivning – Ge stöd och resurser

    Medarbetaren får i nästa steg träffa en personlig hälsopedagog för att tillsammans gå igenom sin hälsoprofil som skapas utifrån tidigare självskattning och mätningar. Med stöd av hälsopedagogen skapas en skräddarsydd Hälsoplan.

    Hälsoplanen sätts gemensamt och utgår från individens behov men även individuella preferenser för att öka följsamhet. I relation till planen får medarbetaren ett Hälsosaldo med pengar för att omvandla plan till handling på en marknadsplats med olika hälsotjänster och produkter.

  • Marknadsplatsen – Hälsotjänster med rätt stöd

    Marknadsplatsen innehåller ett urval av tjänsteleverantörer, digitala tjänster och produkter som hjälper individer till bättre livsvanor inom hälsoområderna:

    Fysisk aktivitet

inner-circle inner-circle measurments inner-circle coaching inner-circle marketplace outer-circle
measurements impedans blood pressure
meeting plan
marketplaces marketplaces marketplaces marketplaces marketplaces marketplaces marketplaces
Traditional health services
  • Corporate Health 2.0

    Health Integrator is a combination of Test and Analysis as well as Personal Health Care with a Healthcare Marketplace and support to the organization. For the employer, this is a comprehensive solution with an overview of the organization's health status and creates the conditions for sustainable working life.

    Employees' current individual health status and developed a health plan with goals The Health Integrator cycle is built based on the individual's health and needs. The health plan has timed goals where a new cycle begins where measurement is done to evaluate outcomes and start a new period. Each's health plan looks different, with more needs, it means shorter cycles with increased support, just like the dentist.

  • Test and Analysis - Create insight and understanding

    The employee is invited by the organization's HR to the platform to begin their journey to health. The employee evaluates their health situation through a validated form and in the next step take a blood sample along with a set of measurements of their physical dimensions.

  • Personal Health Advice - Provide knowledge and resources

    In the next step, the employee will meet a personal health coach to jointly review their health profile based on the previous self-estimation and measurements. Then a tailor-made health plan is created with the help of the health coach. The health plan is based on individual needs and preferences to increase compliance.

    The employee receives a Health Balance with money to convert the plan into action in a marketplace with various health services and products.

  • Marketplace - Health services with the right support

    The marketplace includes a selection of service providers, digital services, and products that help individuals improve their habits in the following health areas:

    Physical activity
    Alcohol habits
    Tobacco habits

A part of the Health Movement
Health Integrator is part of the EIT-Health funded project Health Care. The project aims at driving system changes for increased focus on preventive health through new financial models, techniques for measurement and individualized health interventions.
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Health Integrator är ett ekosystem och plattform, där Test och analys, Personlig Hälsorådgivning och en Marknadsplats för Hälsotjänster kombineras till en helhetslösning. Health Integrator stöttar individer till bättre levnadsvanor och tillförser organisationer med verktyg till ett mer hållbart arbetsliv.

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Health Integrator is an ecosystem and platform, where Health Screenings, Personal Health Coaching and a Marketplace for Health Services are combined in order to help individuals to better life habits and support organizations with tools for a sustainable work-life.

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