Pilot Study

Pilot study

During 2018, Karolinska Institutet, as part of the Health Movement Project, will carry out a pilot study aimed at evaluating how the use of the Health Integrator system, with or without coaching from a health coach, leads to improved living habits.

The study is conducted with participants from several different workplaces in and around Stockholm. The study will begin in April and will continue until the end of the year and will be conducted in a number of workplaces. The study time for each workplace is 6 months and the study start date is done in batches.

Companies from the Stockholm area that are participating in the study are Länsförsäkringar, Apoteket AB, Nobina och Arriva.

Study Design

The study is conducted for 6 months. For participants, participation means that they at the start of the study and after 3 months:

  • Taking blood samples showing “long-term sugar” (HbA1c), blood lipids and blood status (including Hb value). For the blood sample approximately 12 ml of blood is needed.
  • Meet a healthcoach for about 45 minutes and at that time weighs the waist and body composition with a bioimpedance scale and measuers blood pressure.
  • Uses an accelerometer (accelerometer) that is placed on the wrist for 7 days.

The participant will use the health platform and the app either directly from the start of the study or after 3 months. The participant works with his/hers health goals using the health platform for 12 weeks. Then the participant answers questions about how they experienced the system.

The study also includes a web-based survey with questions about health, lifestyle and quality of life at study start and after 3- and 6 months. The survey takes about 40 minutes to answer.

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