A digital vaccine to support individuals to a healthier lifestyle

<h5 id="english_h5"><strong>Background</strong></h5>

In today’s society, we are getting older, but we are increasingly affected by lifestyle-related illnesses. The burden on health is increasing, while at the same time 80% of chronic diseases such as early heart disease, stroke and diabetes can be prevented (World Health Organization).

Our solution
Health Integrator is a platform for making a dynamic ecosystem of social actors and service providers supporting individuals to a healthier living habits. Living habit is important to prevent chronic diseases, as well as providing the already ill people with an improved quality of life.
<h5><strong>Our solution</strong></h5>
Health Integrator is designed to empower the individual by tailor interventions based on the individual’s needs and conditions, thereby creating maximum support. The platform offers a combined combination of Test and Analysis as well as Personal Health Care with a Health Care Services Marketplace.

Clinical validation is currently underway in a pilot study.


Health Integrator är ett ekosystem och plattform, där Test och analys, Personlig Hälsorådgivning och en Marknadsplats för Hälsotjänster kombineras till en helhetslösning. Health Integrator stöttar individer till bättre levnadsvanor och tillförser organisationer med verktyg till ett mer hållbart arbetsliv.

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Health Integrator is an ecosystem and platform, where Health Screenings, Personal Health Coaching and a Marketplace for Health Services are combined in order to help individuals to better life habits and support organizations with tools for a sustainable work-life.

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