Health Integrator

Background and challenge

In today’s society, we are getting older, but we are increasingly affected by lifestyle-related illnesses. The burden on care increases and at the same time 80% of chronic diseases such as early heart disease, stroke and diabetes could be prevented (World Health Organization).

The objective of the EIT Health-financed project Health Movement is to develop a dynamic ecosystem of social actors and service providers to prevent chronic diseases and to provide already sick people with a better quality of life by supporting individuals to a healthier lifestyle. Read more about the Health Movemement Project at

The project, conducted by RISE Research Institute of Sweden, is carried out for two years beginning in January 2017 and has as a first focus area to investigate possible implementations of an Health Impact Bond (HIB) financial model for preventive health. A HIB is a variant of the financial model Social Impact Bond (SIB), where the public sector and investors establish a public sector contract against an initial investment, and undertakes to pay for improved outcomes leading to savings in the public sector. By using a Health Index; measurable, defined and valued health, health outcomes can be measured.

The project also develops and tests an integrator service – Health Integrator – which offers a tailor-made health journey with interventions based on the individual’s needs and abilities. The system is based on personal meetings with educated health coaches and a digital marketplace with health interventions and offers services that support individuals to improve their health.

Health Integrator

Through Integrated Studies, User Testing and Expert Consultations, the Health Integrator System has been developed in an iterative design process. The outcome of the early design work showed that a wide range of services that can help individuals improve their health is available, but the supply of these can be difficult to find and implement for users.

The need exists for support that helps individuals navigate and choose the right health interventions for their needs and motivational factors.

In Health Integrator, an individual performs a health assessment focusing on six health areas – Physical Activity, Sleep, Stress, Diet, Tobacco Habits and Alcohol Habits – which together with measurements and blood test results provide an overview of the current health status of the user.

With the help of an educated health coach, the user creates a personal health plan and can select services that support the user with his health aspects through the integrated marketplace.

Through the Health Integrator, the user and its health coach can use various data recordings from eg. measurements, selected services or from the user’s smartphone follow their development between follow-up meetings with the health coach.

By 2018, Karolinska Institutet will conduct a pilot study aimed at investigating the impact of Health Integrator on the health and living habits of individuals.

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